About company

Who we are?

EHO Henryk Owczarz is a representative of the German company AETERNA LICHTE GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg in Poland, which for over 30 years has been specializing in the production of: eternal light candles, eternal light oil and oil refills.

What are we selling?

We have been distributing candles, oil refills and related articles for over 25 years. Our offer is flexible, we try to meet the requirements of our customers, but we focus on high-quality products that create harmony with the surroundings and the environment. In addition to the products of the German brand Aeterna, we offer a wide selection of candles for gastronomy, hotels, churches, candles and additional articles.

Specialized articles for churches

We invite you to buy Eternal Light, liturgical candles, votive candles, stands to the online store swiece-kosciol.pl.

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